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Lars Von Trier will write and direct his own TV dramavia

Lars von Trier will write and direct his own TV show

Prepare your retinas: the enfant terrible of European cinema is headed for television with The House That Jack Built

As anyone who sat through both volumes of Nymphomaniac can tell you, Lars Von Trier's cinematic vision tends to err on the long side. So it should come as no surprise that the enfant terrible of European arthouse cinema is headed for television, where he can flex his narrative muscles and maybe dust off that extended cut of Antichrist (kidding). 

Not much is known about the forthcoming television drama minus its name, the suitably creepy The House That Jack Built. According to producer Louise Vesth, who has worked with Von Trier since 2011's Melancholia, says the director "wants a huge cast". 

Von Trier is working on a script this autumn and filming won't start until 2016, but initial signs are promising: Danish public broadcaster DR, who developed hit Scandi-dramas Borgen and The Killing, is producing the series.  

The Danish filmmaker is no stranger to television; before co-founding the Dogme 95 movement, Von Trier got his start with the uber-disturbing hospital drama The Kingdom, which combined medical horror with paranormal suspense – Stephen King was such a fan that he remade the show in English (titled Kingdom Hospital) for US audiences. What do you think Von Trier has in store for TV?

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