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sven marquart
Sven Marquart: you're not getting invia

Legendary Berghain bouncer teams up with Hugo Boss

Not content with releasing his memoirs, Sven Marquardt has also come out with a t-shirt range featuring his photography

For many a Berlin clubber, Sven Marquart is the face of Berghain – the burly bouncer and photographer not only decides whether or not you get into what some consider the greatest techno club in the world, but he's also the last face you see before you're booted out of the queue. He's also had a busy 2014, releasing a critically acclaimed novel and now, designing a limited edition collection of Hugo Boss t-shirts for AW14.  

The collection of tees are all black, with Marquart's photos of men posting next to horses (Marquart was a keen photographer well before he landed his job at Berghain). "His work remains deeply inspired by and rooted in contemporary Berlin," declares Hugo Boss. "His pictures play with the idea that individuals can transform themselves and take on different forms, that there is always more to them than their surface suggests." 

It'd be really embarrassing to wear these t-shirts to Berghain and still get knocked back, but it'd also be embarrassing to buy one and wear it to Berghain hoping to curry favour with Marquart and his notoriously tough door policy. But you know, there are plenty of other places to wear nice t-shirts.

The doorman also released his memoirs at the beginning of this month. Die Nacht ist Leben (The Night is Life) details his journey from being a gay punk growing up on the streets of Berlin, to starting on the doors of notorious perv-palace Snax, to cementing his place as the head bouncer of Berghain. But you just need to take one look at Marquart to guess that he's got plenty of novels in him. After all, who else has stood front and centre of Berlin's club scene? 

Marquart's book is available to buy online and you can check out his collaboration with Hugo Boss here.

h/t Mixmag