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Officer "Go Fuck Yourself" pointing a gun at protester filming him

Police in Ferguson are still threatening to kill people

Video footage has emerged of a cop pointing his gun at protesters and saying ‘I will fucking kill you’

You might think that after Michael Brown's shooting plunged the Ferguson community into mourning and waves of protest, that the community's heavily armed police force might hold off on pushing enormous guns into people's faces and saying things like "I will fucking kill you". But that's just what one officer did yesterday, who has now been taken off duty in Ferguson after widespread complaint over his conduct.

Watch the footage below:

The officer in the video has been named by Anonymous as Ray Albers. In a statement released on Wednesday, St Louis County Police said the officer on duty has been "relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely".

The situation on the streets of Ferguson remains incredibly volatile. Tensions between protesters and a heavily armed police force are still running extremely high and on Tuesday, police officers shot and killed another man called Kajieme Powell. Powell, 25, was said to be "behaving erratically" and had reportedly shoplifted snacks from a nearby shop; police also say he was carrying a knife that was recovered at the scene. You can watch a video of the shooting here (warning: it's pretty graphic).

Yesterday we spoke to the filmmaker Jeremy Levine, who has been on the streets of Ferguson filming a documentary called Am I Next?. He described the police response to the death of Michael Brown as "the second tragedy in this story".

"If Mike Brown's death is the result of irresponsibly harsh police tactics, it seems like the police have doubled down on the strategy," Levine told us. "When you are staring down at hundreds of police officers in riot gear and gas masks, with armored vehicles behind them, it really feels like you are in a war zone. I'm glad that the people are now also talking about the militarization of local police forces in this country, as it's something that urgently needs to be addressed."

Watch Am I Next? below, a film told through the eyes of a smart 14-year old moving through the protests.