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Courtesy of Angela Washko

Angela Washko: a match made in html heaven

Talking dream dates and binge-watching tv shows with Millionaire Worthy TV creator, Angela Washko

Taken from the Autumn 2014 issue of Dazed: 

Through digi-portraits of how women are portrayed in video games, Angela Washko’s art projects merge the physical and virtual by “bringing in experiences and video game specs”. Now, the San Diego-based net artist is raising a feminist eyebrow to low-brow culture by distilling Bravo TV’s The Millionaire Matchmaker – a capitalist nightmare where women are matched with fastidious, wealthy pricks – down to an inventory of feminine qualities they demand (long hair, big tits). Washko’s resulting public access TV show Millionaire Worthy TV thumbs a nose at the unconscionable desires of the wealthy.


“I started watching whole seasons of TV shows, like The Millionaire Matchmaker to find recurring patterns. I looked at every single thing the millionaires would state they’re looking for in a woman to create Millionaire Worthy TV, which is kind of a how-to guide. The number one thing they’re looking for is that you’re brunette. I think big tits is number ten.”


“For the show I also interview people who live in southern California about their expertise in some of the data set areas. I’m originally from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, and I’m interested in using this as a way to get to know California and all the weirdness. All this stuff is very foreign to me.”