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red smoke Marie
A red flare illuminates the streets of ParisMarie Amelie Tondu

Fever Pitch: 32 of our favourite images

Dazed photographers have been all over the world during this magical tournament – here are our 32 winners from our Fever Pitch gallery

This month, for the world's largest sporting event, we've had photographers stationed in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paris, Tokyo, Rome and London capturing the agony and the ecstasy experienced by football's obsessed devotees all over the world.

Our photographers went into people's homes in Japan, hit the backstreets of Rio and the pubs of East London. We were everywhere, documenting the madness of the tournament and seeing close up what it means to so many people.

This is a gallery of our favourite 32 images, to celebrate each team that took part. It's been a magical month, embodied by the fantastic performance of the hosts, teams and fans alike. If you think that we've got our selection wrong, then head to our Fever Pitch gallery and post us the ones you think we've missed on Twitter or Facebook. It's all over now, so look back at all the good times of the previous month and we'll see you in four years time.

This month, we've been all over the world on football's frontline, documenting the other side of the game. To see the full gallery of images and read features, please head to our Fever Pitch project page.