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Rihanna mocks teenage fan on Twitter

Days before Venus X accused Ri-Ri of stealing her look, the star made fun of a girl who dressed as her to the prom

Just a few days ago, GHE20G0THIK DJ Venus X revealed that she would be retiring from DJing and shutting down her nightclub on account of Rihanna mercilessly making off with the aesthetic that she worked so hard to create.

But Ri-Ri doesn't seem to take too kindly to people stealing her look either – a few days before Venus's announcement, she'd spent an evening laughing at a fan on Twitter who'd attempted to appropriate a look sported by Rihanna at a red carpet event.

When 16–year old Alexis Carter from Baltimore attempted to pay homage to the style, it spread on Twitter with the hashtag #prombat. Instead of shutting down the cyberbullying, Rihanna joined in, heaping misery on the lampooned teenager, tweeting a sad face and then comparing her dress to the Wu–Tang logo. Rihanna retweeted the tweets she considered to be the funniest, even paying particular respect to the joke "the dark thot rises". Thot is a word that spawned from the acronym THOT (That Ho Over There).

The teenager told Fox Baltimore: "I was very offended. Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing? The poses was different but the outfit wasn't."

It's perhaps worth remembering that a prom is a hugely important life event for an American schoolgirl; does Rihanna not have better things to do than sit on Twitter and tease the effort a student made to emulate her idol?