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A car left to rust in the aftermath of a nuclear disasterDrone Adventures

Drones are flying over Fukushima

In 2011, Fukushima was ravaged by radiation after a tsunami caused a nuclear plant to explode. Now only drones can go back – watch the film here

Ever since a tsunami struck Japan in 2011, certain areas of the country’s east coast have been out of bounds as a result of the nuclear fallout. Similar to Chernobyl, parts of the province surrounding the now disabled Fukushima power plant resemble ghost towns, with residents having to leave their lives behind.

Tomioka, the home of the Fukushima nuclear plant, is just one of the towns where people haven’t set foot for three years now. The 16,000 residents from over 6,000 households are still barred from returning to their homes until the huge radiation cleanup is finished. But thanks to the Tokyo-based aerial video and photography company, HEXaMedia, we have now been able to get a look at the destructive path the tsunami left. They aren't the only people working with drones in the area. The company Drone Adventures have also been in Fukishima, documenting the fallout from the disaster (see above photo). Speaking to Dazed they said, "we think it'll be decades before this land is accessible at all."

Using drone-mounted video cameras, HEXaMedia have made a 7 minute video, documenting the devastating effects of the natural disaster. Scenes of beached fishing boats, destroyed homes and miles of eerily deserted landscape are a stark reminder of nature’s raw power. Check it out below: