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Rob Ryan At Tatty Devine

A new jewellery collaboration

Now famous for their collaborations with leading figures in the worlds of art, design and music, Tatty Devine's arty plastic-fantastic jewellery designs are just getting better and better. They have recently teamed up with cult artist Rob Ryan, noted for his unique method of paper cuts and screen prints, to create a collection of limited-edition jewellery, incorporating each others trademark styles with a fresh new perspective. The pieces are shown within the context of Rob's large-scale paper cuts as part of their current exhibition at the Brick Lane shop until the end of this week.

"We have been friends with Rob right from the very start of Tatty Devine - that is how we met", explained Tatty Devine's Emma Doyle. "We really like his aesthetic and like the way his work is about cutting out shapes, which is in effect what we do."

Rob Ryan's intricate paper cut silhouettes and playful written messages provide a romantic counterpoint to Tatty Devine's colourful, quirky pop jewellery. The two styles complement each other perfectly, creating whimsical, intriguing, and rather large statement pieces.

Emma said, "Rob brought his drawings and shapes, and we translated them into materials Rob wouldn't usually use, so the Tatty Devine style comes through in the size of the jewellery, the materials and the way the drawings are made into jewellery. We made lots of samples and changed all kinds of things along the way - finding a good fit between us."

Industrious as ever, Tatty Devine are busy working away at their next project and their new special Gilbert and George is out now available in the UK. Emma said, "It has only been available in San Francisco until now. There are lots of great pieces including their signature and bottles of gin. We have also made a piece of jewellery to celebrate the Angel of the North's 10th birthday."