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Kanye West needs to attend anger management classes

From Naomi to Jack White, Yeezy's not the only one who's had to attend temper school

On Monday in LA, Kanye West pleaded no contest to misdemeanour battery, after assaulting a paparazzo at LAX in July. The photographer, Daniel Ramos, claims that West punched him in an unprovoked attack and is now suing the artist. West will now serve two years on probation, has been ordered to complete 250 hours of community service and must attend 24 anger management classes. Look how angry and intense Kanye is performing "New Slaves" on Saturday Night Live, it looks like he's about to burst: do we really want to see that coached out of him?

This got us thinking – which other stars have been ordered to attend classes to control their urges to do harm?


Remember rock music? No, me neither. But back in 2003, one of the genre's ailing fathers absolutely leathered one of his ex-mates Jason Stollheimer of The Von Bondies. The consequences were that everyone thought that Jack White was a bit tougher than they'd previously thought (I used to watch that "Hotel Yorba" video and think "OK song, but I could definitely have you"), and Meg's brother slash boyfriend also had to attend anger management classes and pay $700 in order to skip jail. Check out the damage below:


Yeah, you know, that guy who beat up RiRi and nobody likes. He's currently back in rehab for anger management classes until at least April, when he stands trial for assault. He is now learning "behavioural strategies" and "relaxation exercises" to help him manage his "impulsive behaviours". Brown is still serving community service for his 2009 assault on Rihanna and in a month's time will stand trial for a separate assault on a 20-year old student in Washington.


Naomi has carried around a reputation as the Vinny Jones of fashion throughout her career, but that reached a nadir in 2006 when she was found guilty of assault. This wasn't just any old scuffle though: Campbell was found guilty of throwing her mobile phone at her maid, Ana Scolavino. Remember how big phones were eight years ago? That shit must have hurt. The supermodel was ordered to attend anger management classes to help prevent further instances of violence. Here she is below talking about "air rage" at Heathrow:


We're not sure if Bale has actually been ordered to attend anger management classes, but you remember that time he went completely bats on the set of Terminator Salvation right? Bale was reportedly furious at a junior messing with his karma while he tried to concentrate on a getting a scene right. However, Bale was also in hot water in 2008 for assaulting his own mother and sister. Here's the infamous Terminator outburst:


The Shadow (seriously, that film is underrated) recently "retired from public life" after being homophobic to just about everyone and denying it, even though calling someone "a cock-sucking fag" isn't exactly political correctness gone normal. The star, who once left a voicemail on his 11 year old daughter's phone calling her a "rude, thoughtless pig", has been ordered to attend anger management classes owing to the fact that he's angry 100% of the time. Check him out getting riled right up below :