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NYC Crying Guide reveals the best places for a good sob

A new Tumblr tells New Yorkers where to cry peacefully in the Big Apple

A new Tumblr called The NYC Crying Guide advises New Yorkers on the most peaceful and cathartic places to shed tears in the city, with the helpful author writing reviews of cry-able locations (e.g. "going to Build-A-Bear in a full on cry mode and I am SO happy I did. I built the perfect nurse-firefighter bear AND all the employees completely ignored the fact that I was crying during the whole building process").

But not all places in the city are good for a crying visit. AT&T at 475 Fifth Avenue, for example, gets a bad review: "I was constantly asked by not 1 but 3-4 employees if I had been helped and if I was looking for a new phone. When they saw my eyes full of tears they ignored it and looked away while continuing to push new phones on me. It was a terrible experience and I walked out just as teary as I walked in. Let’s just say, AT&T, I will NOT be returning to your store to cry."

If you're in New York with a lot of emotions that you need to get out, look no further than this guide and you'll never have a bad NYC cry ever again.

We're London-based though – so what's your favourite crying spot in the capital?