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The best new female-fronted shows

Can we get some representation in here? Dazed selects the top woman artists exhibiting now

Despite the apparent equality of the art world, it still is shocking how few women are represented by galleries around the world. This week’s selection is just the tip of the monthly iceberg that demonstrate how incredible, broad and boundary breaking female artists can be. It’s about time that galleries and curators caught on.

Josephine Meckseper at Andrea Rosen

Meckseper’s first show at Andrea Rosen in New York is as good as you’d expect. Go for her incredible large paintings fusing advertising ephemera and abstraction, alongside her unique vitrines of sculptural and sourced objects.

Until January 18, 2014 at Andrea Rosen, New York

Eva Kotátková at Modern Art Oxford

Czech artist Eva Kotátková has a unique, collage approach to her installations that include everything from drawings to found images, domestic furniture to living human heads.

Opening November 29 at Modern Art Oxford, Oxford

Georgina Starr at Cooper Gallery 

Pink brains, weirdly playful drawings, strange performances of girls in leotards covered in hands – Georgina Starr’s current show ‘Before Le Cerveau Affamé’ at Cooper Gallery in Dundee looks simply brilliant, as the opening ceremony video demonstrates.

Until Dec 13 at Cooper Gallery, Dundee

Menna Cominetti at Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA

Young painter Menna Cominetti is in this year’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries, which has travelled down from Bristol to the ICA this week. Her canvases fuse a sense of classicism with sculptural elements and a post-internet awareness of the ideas of surface, texture and language.

Nov 27 - Jan 26 at ICA, London

Joyce Pensato at Marianne Boesky 

There is something addictive about Pensato’s monochrome, scrawled, vibrant cartoonish characters. She features as part of artist Rachel Howard’s curated show at Marianne Boesky in New York, based on the ideas of language and communication in Nabokov’s novel Invitation to a Beheading.

Until Dec 20 at Marianne Boesky 

Mael Nozahic at Le Confort Modern

Its not just boys who have a hard-on for heavy metal. French painter Mael Nozahic’s dark and eerie figurative work is featured in the incredible touring show Altars of Madness, an exploration of the influence of metal on art.

Until Dec 15 at Le Confort Modern, Poitiers

Amy Yao at Mathew

You cannot more basic a starting point that sticks – but Amy Yao uses them to great effect in her wall pieces. She is also very inventive with a step ladder. She is included The November Issue exhibition at Matthew alongside artists like Tobias Madison and Merlin Carpenter.

Opening Nov 28, 7-10pm at Mathew, Berlin

Amie Dicke at Anat Ebgi

Dutch artist Amie Dicke has come a long way from the gothic magazine pages that made her name. Her current LA show explores the subtext of images with lots obscuring, obtuseness and sheer skill.

Until 4 Jan at Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles

Iza Genzken at MoMa

The queen artist exhibiting this month, Iza Genzken, is getting a major and well-deserved retrospective at MoMA on her terms. 40 years of work from this uncompromising and deeply inspirational woman range from wild assemblages to concrete radios.

Until March 10 at MoMA, New York

Katy Moran at Modern Art

This visceral painter – who was playing with abstraction way before the waves of fashion – just keeps getting better. This show incorporates intimate paintings made from acrylic, collage elements and serious sense of energy.

Until Dec 20 at Modern Art, London