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The best stay-at-home art picks

Hung & Drawn: From Tobias Fünke art books to ICA talks, enjoy art from the comfort of home

Frieze is over, it's getting colder, the evenings are dark and wet. This is the season to hunker down, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the good stuff. So this week we're focusing on experiencing art from the warmth and comfort of your own home – or other places that are warm and comforting. Here's a selection of art-related books, films, shows and alcohol that are perfect for the lengthening autumn nights.

Yves Klein - Tobias Fünke by Chris Nosenzo

Yves Klein - Tobias Fünke is the title of a new book by artist and publisher Chris Nosenzo, as one of the fruits of his ingenious decision to explore a comparison between French proto-conceptual artist Yves Klein and 'analrapist-turned-actor' Dr. Tobias Fünke of Arrested Development. As a second edition, this book hones in on the theme of International Klein Blue and body-painting, as well as drawing parallels between gestural actions in the two men's lives – seductive bed-sprawling, costume-adorning, being dragged across floors - and philosophical soundbites, such as "I just… blue myself". In case you were wondering, Klein didn't say that. There's a web-based version here; you can have a look at some of Nosenzo's artwork here.

Neverland Space

Run by Yves Sinka, Ruben Feurer and Joris Noordermeer, Neverland Space is an online gallery specialising in digital art that has never been shown before. In a series of thoughtfully curated presentations it has featured work by one-to-watch Greg McCarron-Shipman, amongst an array of other up-and-coming artists. There is an entrance fee, but considering the exclusivity of the content it's a small price to pay.

Post-Net Aesthetics talk at ICA 

Last week the ICA hosted a panel discussion in which artists, curators and critics went about unpicking the tricky 'post-internet' term and its implications for art since it cropped up around six years ago. Post-Net Aesthetics, chaired by Karen Archey, revealed a range of opinions on the term's meaning and relevance from panellists Rozsa Zita Farkas, Harm Van den Dorpel, Ben Vickers and Josephine Berry Slater as well as Archey herself. But if you missed it, don't fret! The whole talk was recorded and can be watched here with a cup of tea.

Artists' Cocktails by Ryan Gander

A book that brings exactly what it promises to, with the added benefit of great design by Åbäke and Delphine Bourit. Edited by Ryan Gander and Phil Mayer with assistance from Holly Featherstone, Barnie Page and Anna Stoppa, the compendium features some very enticing-looking recipes from a huge number of artists including Cory Arcangel, Fiona Banner and David Shrigley. Order it online here and feel glad that you still don't have to leave the house. 

Melting Person by Jasper Spicero

While you're sitting comfortably with a Mankellini, why not watch a tiny ice man slowly melt away? Keep the sound on for this image sequence by artist Jasper Spicero, which was shown as part of the last-ever Generation Works exhibition at Art Berlin Contemporary.

I dig, you dig, and it, the worm, digs too by Jon Rafman 

Now is the time to book tickets for the world premiere of Jon Rafman's latest film - they're bound to go quickly. It will be showing at the ICA on 21 November as part of the Artist Film Club series, and will be followed by a Q&A with Rafman.

Derek Jarman at Wilkinson Gallery 

If by this stage you feel like venturing outside, take a trip to the upper floor of Vyner Street's Wilkinson Gallery and you will be rewarded with a Super 8 film by legendary artist Derek Jarman, Waiting for Waiting for Godot (1983). The screening forms part of a double-Jarman exhibition, with his Black Paintings on display in the lower gallery. Both run until 1 December 2013.

Achievements in Swiss Summit 

During the rush of Frieze it's easy to miss things that you had your heart set on seeing and/or feel deprived of a good quality exhibition experience due to the noise, human traffic and general chaos of the week. So now would be a good time to (re)visit GCC's exhibition, Achievements in Swiss Summit at Project Native Informant, where the softly spoken words of the art collective's charter might be better heard through the speakers, and the nine large photographs – of moments at which decisions appear to be made, friendships cemented and ceremonious gestures – might be enjoyed in a fitting atmosphere of peace and repose.

Daumier (1808-1879): Visions of Paris at the Royal Academy of Arts

From here, you're not far away from the Royal Academy, which opens a new exhibition of paintings by Honoré Daumier on 26 October documenting the artist's golden-hued studies of Parisian life in the nineteenth century.

Last chance to see X100: an exhibition of books from 100 launches at X Marks the Bökship, 2008 – 2013

X Marks the Bökship is a bookshop and project space for independent publishers in London, specialising in small press publications by artists and designers. Since opening in 2008, it has hosted 100 book launches by independent publishers, accompanied by exhibitions, performances, readings and on-site production. The 100th launch is currently being marked by an exhibition of these books - last day is 26 October, so art book-lovers, get there quick!