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Nike “Feel London”: FEEL TV event recap

A collaboration of DJs, art, technology, and performance at Nike's London FEEL TV

Last night, Nike took over 1948 for the main event of the "Feel London" series, FEEL TV, which included a live broadcast by Hellicar and Lewis that aired on Dazed Digital. As they discussed in our interview with them, Hellicar and Lewis created an unprecedented live stream influenced by tweets from viewers around the world (commands included Distort, Wavy, Scan, Trail, Hyper, Glitch and Spectrum). Guests enjoyed cold drinks and danced while admiring the evolution of the Nike running shoe, which now includes the Nike Free Hyperfeel - a creation truly at the intersection of art, technology, and performance.

The evening began with captivating installations by Daniel Widrig ("Flex"), Universal Everything ("Fit"), Quayola + Sinigaglia ("Flexure"), and Rhizomatiks ("Trace"), which encouraged viewer participation and interaction. Widrig's piece was in an upstairs room, inviting visitors to see a hypnotizing material sculpture in digital motion, created using animation software. Similarly, Quayola + Sinigaglia created a time-based digital sculpture with an evolving rectangular monolith in a separate upstairs space. The common areas allowed visitors to interact with Universal Everything's movement-based piece, where colors gathered and swirled on screens as people moved quicker and closer to the sensors, and Rhizomatiks' pressure-based piece, where viewers stepped on interactive balance boards to visualize the intangibility of feeling.

Before Lil Silva, Redlight Live, and Benga separately closed out the night, the London Contemporary Orchestra and the English National Ballet performed a breathtaking piece in front of Universal Everything's screens. Not only was it live streamed to the world, it was also shown in each room of 1948, allowing Hellicar and Lewis' idea to come to life and show the experiential possibilities of broadcast. 

In between the Ballet and Orchestra and DJ sets, Run Dem Crew did a special live streamed run around East London, as well. The night, like the Nike Free Hyperfeel itself, was about art meeting science, feeling meeting freedom, and the exclusive experience becoming a universal one.