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Dazed and The Serpentine profile the 89plus generation

Digital natives and those who track them: announcing our backing of the 89plus Marathon next weekend

Several months ago, those born in 1989 or after have been the subject of attention from two of the world's most interesting curators. The 89plus project launched in early 2013 at Munch's DLD by just-missed-out Simon Castets and key member of another, earlier golden generation Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Now, the next phase of the project is a weekend by and about the artists, activists, writers and musicians "Younger Than Rihanna", in the words of 89+er (and Dazed contributor) Harry Burke, at London's newly opened Serpentine Sackler Gallery for the annual Serpentine Marathon the weekend of the 19th October. Just some #youngerthanrihanna people appearing will be Harry Burke, poet and Dazed writerLE1F, awesome rapperCrispin Best, another Dazed writer and poet, Amalia UlmanJOGGING's Brad Troemel, artist Felix Malia as well and a load of others including some of the older inspirations (89-, perhaps) such as Zaha Hadid, Douglas Coupland and Marcus du Sautoy. 

Now, we can announce two great things about this landmark event:

1: We are media-partnering the weekend, which means that we'll be running work, interviews and pics ahead next week, with a live stream running on Dazed when it kicks off

2: Koreless, the excellent producer that we've been covering for a couple of years, is composing a sonic piece for the closing of Friday night.

Mega-curator Hans Ulrich Obrist explained more when we spoke this morning:

"Myself and curator Simon Castets began by looking at this extraordinary generation of artists, activists, musicians, writers and architects born in 1989 or after, as the first digitally native generation in history. Every year we hold a weekend of events and it made perfect sense to dedicate and turn over 2013's to the members of 89plus – London is once again at the epicentre of an explosion in art, exemplified by this generation. One of the highlights is Koreless, who is composing a sound piece to go with the new building on the Friday night: it's through such extraordinary people as Caius [Pawson] and Molly [Hawkins, who are behind record label Young Turks] and the poet Harry Burke, who has helped curate our literature strand, that we found these amazing talents like Koreless.

"It has only just begun: the 89plus project is truly long-term lasting 10 years or more, providing not only a showcase but, as time goes by, accompanying the artists and adding to them, and exploring the ramifications and implications of their generation. A Longue Duree, to quote the French historian Lucian Febvre, with the website acting as an archive alongside the real-world events, residencies and support."

Hope to see you there!