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Cult Vault #35: Bibis Makridis on Singapore Sling

Bibis Makridis chooses the 1990 Greek neo-noir number by director Nikos Nikolaidis

Taken from the March 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused:

This 1990 Greek neo-noir opens in streaking rain as a mother and daughter bury their disembowelled chauffeur. The ante’s upped on the demented duo’s sex games when a wounded, lovesick detective – dubbed Singapore Sling – stumbles into their mansion. Director Nikos Nikolaidis’s shadowy catalogue of perversions is remembered fondly by his younger compatriot Babis Makridis, whose debut feature L (co-written by Efthimis Filippou, the writer of Dogtooth and Alps), about a man who lives in his car, isn’t short on eccentricities either. 

“Aris Stavrou’s marvellous blackand-white photography brings to life a house where sick, insane things take place. For me it’s the best film by Nikolaidis, my favourite Greek director when I was younger. He was a cult figure with a curtain of mystery about his life. We heard back then he was living in the mansion where many of his films are set. Nikolaidis was a rock’n’roll director strongly influenced by American cinema. While the other directors of his generation were making political films or love stories he was making crazy, almost psychedelic movies.”