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Snarkitecture teams up with Chromeo

The art-meets-architecture duo talk about their Tumblr-supported Chromeo collaboration

Brooklyn-based design practice Snarkitecture have dipped their toes in a variety of pools, from an infinitely mirrored shop installation for Richard Chai to a Design Miami's grandiose entrance pavilion, made from a giant configuration of inflatable tubes. The clue's in the name: smart, architecturally-slanted design from a sly, sideways perspective.

This morning, Tumblr has just announced The White Room, the practice's upcoming collaboration with electro-powered Canadian duo Chromeo in support of the latter's upcoming album, "White Women". Presented by Tumblr IRL, a platform that aims to give insight into artistic and design processes of musicians, it opens next Tuesday at Milk Studios in New York (you can see the invite here). Snarkitecture founders Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen tell us more.         

Dazed Digital: So, what's this project with Chromeo all about? Can you give us any special hints of what's in store?

Snarkitecture: It's called The White Room. The idea was to bring the world of Chromeo's new album into Snarkitecture's spatial world. We can't reveal any details of the installation – people will have to come to the opening event at Milk Gallery on Tuesday. I can say that it will probably not be what you expect.

DD: How long have you been working on this project for and how did it come about?

Snarkitecture: We have probably been speaking about the project since early summer. We got connected through Mark Seekings, a mutual friend who helped shape the overall idea of the collaboration. Since then, we've been working with the band to develop the installation, and connected with Tumblr to expand the reach of the event and project.

DD: You guys have been on a roll of late. Which has been your favourite project to work on so far?

Snarkitecture: No favorites - we have been very fortunate to have worked with amazing clients and collaborators to date. That said, we're always focused on the projects that are more active in the studio. Aside from installations like this project with Chromeo, we have been working more and more with functional objects. The most recent one is called Pillow, and is a rest for your phone that resembles a soft form, but it is cast from white gypsum cement and is completely fixed.

DD: Snarkitecture has both feet in art and architecture. In your opinion, how do the two work with/against each other?

Snarkitecture: We met at the Cooper Union, where Daniel was in the art school and Alex in the architecture program. Each of us has a long term interest in both disciplines and exploring the areas between them, searching for elements that can be confused or misused to make architecture perform in unexpected ways.

DD: Other projects you've got coming up?

Snarkitecture: We're working on the first Snarkitecture book, covering the first five years of the practice, that will be published with OHWOW. We have a couple big things for winter and spring that we'll be announcing over the next couple months. We are also launching a few new objects before the holiday season - everything will be available through our online shop.

DD: What do you prefer – RL or Tumblr?

Snarkitecture: We prefer the world we're creating with Snarkitecture. That said, we have love for both Tumblr and the real world.