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Come #tripping with us

A month of the most out-there stories from the most out-there places

This morning Dazed Digital sets off on an adventure. Spinning off the #Tripping issue theme of the new Dazed & Confused, for the next four weeks we'll be bringing you a daily trip. 

We're launching with a look at the first climb to the roof of the world – and debuting the Cosey Fanni Tutti-featured track from the soundtrack to Epic of Everest. Iconic journeys, recent travels, sideways looks at out-there places and the sharpest of shots of the world’s underreported zones. Everest to Ibiza. Sahara to Big Sur. Under the sea to higher than God.  

Obviously, there are good and bad trips... so, to get us started, here are a few random travel memories from some of Dazed's friends that we stumbled upon at our magazine launch party last Friday night at Selfridges (BTW big shout out to Zebra Katz, Hudson Mohawke and Alison Mosshart for the tunes, Gary Card for the amazing balloons, and I.T for helping us put it all on).

Tweet us your wildest and weirdest adventure story plus a picture and/or video from it and if it makes us laugh and go "WTF?!!" more than any others, you could be heading off on a day trip courtesy of us. There's one good trip and one not so good trip to be won. Tweet now @Dazedmagazine using #tripping and let the gods of adventure and karma do the rest...


Duffy The Jeweller: Lake Powell, Arizona. It was like being on Mars, but with water.

Matthew Stone: At Carnival this year I found a spliff on the floor, and I don’t really smoke weed but the next week I was like, "Oh I’ll just have a couple of drags and go to the cinema". I was tripping for six hours and I spent the first half an hour googling ‘What does crack feel like", "is it possible to lace a spliff with LSD", it turned out it was just skunk and I’m not used to it! 

Susie Bubble: The worst trip was a school trip to Normandy where they made me eat goats' cheese every day. I hate cheese. 

Oliver Cheshire: My worst trip was Magaluf, I went there when I was 15. I bloody hated it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

Credits for image: Lindsey Wixson at The Society Management wears a pearl and crystal embroidered dress by Valentino Haute Couture and stacked trainers by Comme Des Garcons