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Reality Sandwich

The month in modern shamanism and evolved consciousness is a magazine about far-out culture and evolved consciousness edited by longtime Dazed columnist Daniel Pinchbeck. Under this Blog, he and his colleague Faye Sakellaridis round up their favourite nuggets for the modern shaman. 

In one of the most comprehensive articles ever written about the visionary artist Alex Grey, Jonathan Zap explores the life's work of this leading visionary artist. He also offers a critique of the artist's uncritical relationships with certain guru figures. Grey himself responds to Zap at the end of the article. 

The drone of daily life distracts us, keeping us at a distance from what we call Soul. Katie Clancy and Emily Moore answer to the call from the subconscious through ecosomatics, an emerging disciplinary field that connects healing arts with ecological consciousness. Clancy and Moore teach and participate in body-based therapies such as yoga and dance at wilderness retreats, where the spell of our everyday routines are broken. 

It is not uncommon for ayahuasca shamanism to resonate with other faiths. Novelist Michael Muhammad Knight, who has been called the "Hunter S. Thompson of Islamic Literature," writes about his encounter with ayahuasca and how it interfaces with his Islamic faith in his book Tripping with Allah: Islam, Drugs, and WritingIn this interview with KMO, Knight talks about his new book, his passion for professional wrestling, and his experiences with the sacred vine. 

Burning Man is ineffable. As Mitch Mignano says, "concrete and immediate experience is lived, not mediated." And yet, despite the fact that there is no objective story of Burning Man, the documentary Spark: A Burning Man Story provides what Mignano calls the "superior document" of the transformational gathering to date. 

Lindsey Vona joined the Women's Wisdom Circle with the hope that she would find her own voice. What she found instead was that the group was utilizing a pyramid scheme, an old-school scam predicated on the language of "gifting culture." Vona finally left the group, and speaks frankly about her experience in this article. 

What is anthroposophy? The philosophy that originated with scientist and spiritual thinker Rudolf Steiner in the late 19th century influences thousands of people to this day. Yet it is hard to explicitly define because of its complexity and evasion of dogma. In this article, author Conner Habib answers a four questions about anthroposophy that get to its core essence.