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Aligning Temptations With Ian Daniell

Dazed speaks to Ian Daniell for the Peckham pop quiz

For our Peckham portfolio, Dazed speaks to Ian Daniell, a painter and sculptor with several exciting new projects coming up.

Hey! Tell us about yourself.

I established my studio practice in 2010 after graduating from Camberwell. Last year I had my first solo exhibition Promises and showed in My Bataille at Bruno Glint, while this year I had work in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. My forthcoming body of work seeks to align the temptations, and amalgamate the forms of latest-generation products with plastic surgery. I've added cosmetic surgery to my own practice: my Superplasty exhibition opens late September. Sweetheart, a sculpture from Promises, will also be on display at the Threadneedle Prize exhibition around the same time. 

How long have you lived in Peckham?

I've lived/studied/worked in and around Peckham for six years - apart from one year I lived in Bow and got a job in Streatham, which was a long way to cycle. 

Recommend a band / writer / artist that you dig from around.

You should read Tom Harrad's Framing and study Florence Shaw's observational illustrations; both very rewarding, in Peckham-produced Limner #3. 

What's your favourite thing about the area?

African textiles.

Who's your favourite resident? 

The fox.

Where should people check out? 

The Gardens in Peckham Rye: they're secluded, meticulously manicured flower beds, and there's a lake with a heron. 

What does the future hold for the part of town?

There's a petition you can sign outside the cinema in the hope of new public loos. 

Where's the best view?

Sunrise over the common from my room.