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Peckham Week: Wholemeal

Peckham DJ Louis Carter dishes on his favourite local parties and neighbors

As Peckham Week draws to a close, we quiz Peckham's DJ collective Wholemeal

Hey! Tell us about yourselves.

Tom and Chris Lawes are brothers and founders of Wholemeal Music. I met them about five years ago through a mutual friend I studied with at Camberwell. The boys lugged all their DJ equipment over to mine for a party as they lived a street away and ended playing for about 10 hours. it was then I knew we were on the same page in terms of work ethic, but most importantly, they were just throwing parties for the right reasons. We are growing Wholemeal slowly but surely, the aim being that we'll still be doing what we're doing now when we're too old for the dancefloor. We have the launch of th record label and another party planned for the autumn, so there's plenty to keep us busy. 

Recommend a band/writer/artist that you dig around from.

The list of artists in the area is endless but Andrew Ashong is a real standout, as a DJ, musician, and record collector extraordinaire.  

What's your favourite thing about the area?

The sense of community, not just the creatives, I mean the real locals who you get to know, the guys in the shops on Rye Lane, and even some of the down and outs. Everyone's got each other's backs down here. 

Who's your favourite resident? 

My favourite resident is Pim Condradi. I met him when I was studying and he lived in a Geodesic dome, surrounded by his sculptures and art work. A properly eccentric, wise old chap. 

Where should people check out? 

Check out the Peckham Liberal Club for a party. The Crossroad Cafe is our local spot of choice on a Saturday.

What does the future hold for the part of town?

I don't think much will change down here. Peckham has been a cool spot for well over 50 years with Goldsmiths, Camberwell, and cheap rent to thank for that. It's just going to get fuller, and the parties will become bigger and better. There's something going on here every night of the weekend now as opposed to once every two months. 

Where's the best view?

Probably up the reservoir - you have to hop the fence to get in though!