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Peckham's Rhythm Section

Boiler Room's Bradley Zero packs the Peckham pop quiz

Next up in our Peckham portfolio is Bradley Zero Phillip - DJ, artist and events programmer/host. 

Tell me about yourself/ Rhythm Section. 

I run Rhythm Section, a twice-monthly dance that has taken place on Rye Lane for almost two years now. I'm also part of the team that runs Boiler Room from London.

How long have you lived in Peckham?

Six years.

Recommend a band / writer / artist that you dig from around these parts. 

The Fat Whites / Angus Finlayson / Jimmy Merris.

What's your favourite thing about the area?

It's often overlooked natural beauty.

Who's your favourite resident? 

Eileen Conn - Exiled Geordie and Founder / Chairwoman of Peckham Vision - a community led organisation that unites the parallel communities of Peckham in order to aspire for a better future for the area. Eileen is a local hero who has successfully lobbied against Southwark council on a number of their disastrous plans for the area.

Where should people check out? 

Khan's Bargains.

What does the future hold for this part of town?

It's hard to say, but hopefully Peckham will follow it's own path and resist temptation from corporations quick to cash in on the next big thing. It's done quite alright for itself until now and I think all we ask for is gradual change. Small businesses seem to be the way forward and prove most exciting in terms of adding diversity to the area - saying that, I think people who have lived in Peckham for a while are very weary of East London copycat enterprises, and would prefer to see more homegrown developments.

Where's the best view?

It's in Nunhead (Peckham's little sister), but I can't tell you 'cos it's trespassing.