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Peckham Gals

Dazed talks to the Peckham-based student collective working with 'Gal'

Next, we speak to a new student-run art collective. Sophie, Jess, and Clara, studying at Camberwell, Goldsmiths and CSM respectively, are exhibiting contemporary artwork next month at Gal.

Hey! Tell us about yourselves. 

We met on a weird, depressing trip in Poland on which we realised we shared a lot of the same interests when it came to making work. We got talking about curating a show together exploring our interests in nature's mediations via technology. We're currently putting together an exhibition at Gal - a new space in Shadwell set up by our friend's, Arvida Bystrom and Hanna Antonsson. We'll be showcasing works involving some young creatives from around the area; the premise is to discuss ideas of synthetic authenticity, a modern magic that consists of the short-circuiting of natural processes. 

How long have you lived in South London?

Two or three years.

Recommend a band/writer/artist that you dig from around these parts.

A lot of people are doing really interesting stuff around here right now. Just going to shamelessly promo Pablo who’s involved in the show.

What's your favourite thing about the area?

The Jamaican village of vegetables.

Who's your favourite resident?

The guy in the butcher's next to Peckham Rye Station who gives us free bananas.

Where should people check out?

Tasty bakery. Its BYOB.

What does the future hold for the part of town?

A Tiger Tiger popping up on Rye Lane.

Where's the best view? 

On top of Subway 10/10.

Find out more here about Gal's debut show on September 27 2013.