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Peckham's Anti-Yuppie Band

The Fat White Family are taking the yuppies to task with occupation and radical song

This is Fat White Family, they are chill.

Hey! Tell us about yourselves. 

The Fat White Family formed in 2011 in South London, and consists of 6 members. We sound like a mixture of 60′s psychedelia, abject nihlism, Northern English post punk, extreme Left politics, country music, absurdist humour, and have been likened to Butthole Surfers, The Fall, Birthday Party and Charles Manson in reviews. We recently won the Quitetus/BBC 6 Cult Star of Tomorrow Award and are currently promoting our debut album, working on our 2nd LP, and planning a tour of Algeria. 

How long have you lived in South London?

Collectively, we have lived in south london for 50 years, and we are intent on dying here.

Recommend a band/writer/artist that you dig from around these parts.

Band: Meat Raffle. Writer: Pat Lyons. Artist: Anna MacDowell.

What's your favourite thing about the area?

Our favourite thing about the area is that for half of the year, Frank's Bar is closed.

Who's your favourite resident?

Jay Rayner, of course.

Where should people check out?

The Windmill, Rock Steady Eddies, Turk Avesi, Codfellas, and of course, our temple of pure thrust, The Queen's Head on Stockwell Road. Avoid Brixton Village at all costs.

What does the future hold for the part of town?

Sadly, the future probably holds a purge of all decent people from the area, and the installation of a fascist yuppie state. Unless people take up arms immediately, all that is pure and true will be lost. Yuppies out!

Where's the best view? 

My uncle has a cracking view at his place.