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Francesco Vezzoli's Greed Trailer

Dazed Digital will be premiering the short film Roman Polanski directed as part of Francesco Vezzoli's fake perfume Greed project, starring Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman.

Who knew that a wave of jealousy over a Ralph Lauren ad featuring Laetitia Casta would result in the creation of a fabricated perfume, complete with short film and leading actresses to front this faux campaign. Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli's latest project Greed, in his own words is the "logical step" from his previous tease acts; a play that was never going to run, a trailer for a movie that was never going to be produced and election ads for candidates that were not actually running for office.

Vezzoli never of course imagined that an iconic director like Roman Polanski would direct the sixty second film, which Polanski had total control over, that accompanies the campaign or that Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams would star in the advert. The perfume bottle itself is a reinterpretation of Marcel Duchamp's Eau de Voilette (a play on the word veil and violet), which featured an image of Duchamp dressed up as his female alter ego Rrose Selavy, shot by Man Ray. Instead, the Greed bottle features Vezzoli in female disguise, shot by Francesco Scavullo.

Vezzoli reconstructed the processes and fully immersed himself into trying to answer the question of what it takes to attract people to a perfume and now to replicate the media build-up seen of a perfume campaign, Dazed Digital brings you a trailer of the Polanski film for Greed and the full 60 second version will be shown exclusively here on 6th February.

The full version of the film is now online view it exclusively here

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Greed launches 6th February at the Gagosian Gallery, Via Francesco Crispi 16, Rome. See the Greed print ad and read more about Greed in Dazed & Confused February issue out tomorrow. 

The full version of the film is now online view it exclusively here