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Big Momma Thang

Celebrate the Queen Bee's birthday with her ten maddest moments

Happy Birthday Lil Kim! To celebrate, the Queen Bee just released a twerk-ready new track Looks Like Money" and the 4’10” rap mistress has been mad as a box of frogs for 39 years, with her boob-baring outfits, rap game rivalries and lyrics about her turbocharged vagina. From her early days hanging with Biggie in Junior M.A.F.I.A to having her girls out at the VMAs, we celebrate her most notorious moments here. Forever the OG, Kim will perform in the UK for the first time since 2001 at Lovebox on June 21. Big Momma, we salute you.

#1 Crush

With wigs the colour of Jolly Ranchers, Kim presides over a wiped-clean backlit club for the definitive “Crush On You” from her debut Hard Core. Dancers (including Aaliyah) bop in puffas and baggies as Kim works jewel-hued look after look with matching shades for each.

Diana Ross’ Boob Bounce

At the 1999 VMAs in Miami, Lil Kim went for lilac haberdashery realness in a one-sleeved lacy jumpsuit, cut so – whoops! – a nip slip. Presenting the Best Hip Hop Video moon man with Mary J. and Diana Ross, an intrigued Diana leaned in for a grope, and the Queen Bee couldn't have been happier. Iconic.

That Debut Though...

In a cow-print trouser suit and spitting rhymes like “Betta grab a seat / Grab on your dick as this bitch gets deep”. Big Momma introduced herself as a feisty female voice from the hood, popping Chandon with Biggie and unapologetically commanding everyone in her orbit to get between her thighs.

Getting Fruity

Kim didn’t actually talk about her vagina so much in this PG-rated film tie-in, as she got her main girls Missy, Da Brat and Left Eye together for a fruity cover of Kool and the Gang’s classic, “Ladies Night”. Lisa dips in a cowrie-adorned garment and Missy wears patent dungarees in the all-star cover, which predates Kim’s later “Lady Marmalade”.

Warring With Britney

“I’ll be truthful with y’all,” confides the pixieish firespitter in this Carson Daly interview from 2002. “I was a halfway Britney fan, and I thought she was a great entertainer… And then I met her.” Skip to 3:45 for the goodies! Flipping her auburn weave, the Queen Bee tells how Britney blanked her at the VMAs and refused to shake Kim’s hand, as the studio audience jeers and Kim sits like a proud Siamese cat.

The Time She Described Her Millenial Sound As "Y2-Kim"

Baffling that Kim’s neologism “Y2-Kim” hasn’t yet been included in the OED.

Can’t Hold Her Down

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. Kim’s weave threatens to engulf the nearby fire hydrants with Christina’s Juicy cropped two-piece and the bamboo hoops of the dance-warring ladies beside her.

Kim And Foxy Before The Storm

Let’s remember happier times: when Kim and Foxy teamed up in ’95 for the Puffy-produced remix of Total’s “No One Else”. Though their feud in 1996 when they released albums the same month will go down as Biggie vs Tupac with added lipliner, we got a bit misty while rewatching this monochrome bank, heist-themed video.

Sending Off Biggie In Style

For Biggie’s posthumous album Born Again, Kim wasn’t exactly going to wear a veil and shift dress to the wake. She shows up rocking a furry white bikini, PVC head brace and wielding whips at a NYPD officer in a sex harness. Sure. Among the people paying respects? Ill-fated boyband 98 Degrees, who pop up at 3:40. Sure.