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Read the best Alt-Lit on the net

Crispin Best on the finest novelists, poets and memoirists of the network

This is part of a series of articles about creative online subversion, #HackYourFuture, on Dazed Digital. A different guest-editor will discuss a different discipline everyday. This piece is part of James Bridle's comment on new writing online.

1. Tao Lin

Called “the single most irritating person we've ever had to deal with” by Gawker. Called “the most interesting prose stylist of his generation” by Bret Easton Ellis.
Read: Taipei

2. Megan Boyle

Author of the celebrated Vice column “Boyle’s Brains” and, since mid-March, an in-depth live blog of her entire life. Released a best-selling poetry collection, Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee, in 2011. Married Tao Lin. Separated from Tao Lin. Mira Gonzalez’s I Will Never Be Beautiful Enough To Make Us Beautiful Together is fantastic in a similar way to Boyle’s work.

Read: Everyone I’ve Had Sex With

3. Steve Roggenbuck

Perhaps the first writer to receive an entry on the website Know Your Meme. Profiled in the New York Times. Itinerant vegan blogger and perma-boosted life guru. Released his first ebook i am like october when i am dead in 2010, his first print-only book CRUNK JUICE in 2012, before focusing on attempting to conquer YouTube with videos such as “make something beautiful before you are dead”.

Read: Somewhere in the bottom of the rain

4. Heiko Julien

Sad, handsome author of a number of ebooks including Am I Cool? and I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death, which opens with the line: “You know how dogs arent really smiling, theyre just panting? and they dont really kiss you, they just lick your face because they like salt? a lot of things are like that. i am like that”.

Read: There Is No Reason For Tigers To Be Beautiful They Just Are

5. Gabby Bess

Sad, smart impresario and founder-editor of the all-female journal Illuminati Girl Gang. Recently rechristened from her pen-name of “Gabby Gabby”. Author of the forthcoming and emo-titled Alone With Other People. Creator of calm videos such as small quiet morning sounds. Similar preoccupations to Moon Temple, author of I SAW A BIRD SITTING [...].

Read: The Black Dot Series

6. Diane Marie

Quiet, romantic, sex-starved stylist. Author of I Wrote a Poem Dedicated to God That I Considered to Be Extremely Disrespectful. Characteristic of the breadth of work that now falls under the auspices of “Alt Lit”, further demonstrated by the work of people such as James Ganas and Chad Redden.

Read: on the efficacy of [early] transformational-generative grammar theory[/ies] for determining “style”

7. Sam Pink

Unremittingly dark, fucked up and hilarious author of half a dozen books with titles like I Am Going to Clone Myself Then Kill the Clone and Eat It and The No Hellos Diet. On Amazon his books appear to all retail for £6.66 or £7.77. Coiner of my former life motto: “Melt your fucking nationality”. No longer resembles Zangief from Street Fighter.

Read: Bernhard Goetz

8. Marie Calloway

Recently profiled by Huffington Post who described her book, What Purpose Did I Serve in Your Life, as “too racy for Dr Phil”. Feels hard to expand or improve on that.

Read: Adrien Brody

9. Mike Bushnell   

Face-painted wildman, tornado-made-flesh and one of the most restless and energetic performers you’ll see. Author of Traumahawk. Recently been dedicating work to his partner-in-crime, diminutive Mexican master of the selfie Ana Carrete, who herself publishes widely, including the fantastic experimental ebook oh no everything is wet now in 2011.

Read: #poems

10. Michael Inscoe

Tattoo’d biker hunk poet and founder-editor of the online repository Unsure if i will allow my beard to grow for much longer. Author of the sadly now out-of-print Don’t Die Alone and stories such as Some of My Notable Romantic/Sexual Experiences aged 13-20. Shares sensibilities with Timothy Willis Sanders, author of the minimal and excellent Orange Juice and Other Stories.

Read: Untitled

This is part of a series of articles about creative online subversion, #HackYourFuture, on Dazed Digital. A different guest-editor will discuss a different discipline everyday. This piece is part of James Bridle's comment on new writing online.