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Kari Altmann

Cloud-based cyber artist, Kari Altmann answers questions with reblogged pics

In light of everything that's happened this week with the (kill me now and throw my computer in the sea) incident involving the NSA, one artist emerges as particularly important. Thanks to a level of ingenuinty that would have you think she was actually from the future, Kari Altmann’s work arrives as something near prophecy.


Too shrewd to be pigeon-holed as an anti-capitalist (but no less critical of capitalist systems than its out and out deniers) Altmann explores the visual language that dictates our everyday behaviours, spending habits and lifestyle choices.


The work, like most of us, lives on the web. It understands, reflects and poses questions about the interfaces in which we live. At the same time it challenges them, pushes them, tests them and pokes holes where holes needed to be poked. In short it’s just about the newest and most important thing doing the artistic rounds in the world today.


Dazed caught up with Kari, who having acknowledged that the world is already flooded by an overabundance of data, decided to answer us in reblogged pics. And who can blame her? Why say it yourself when someone’s already done the hard bit for you?

How is knowledge changing?

Why do we blog?

When did we all start wanting to resemble viruses?

How can we hope to reclaim our privacy?


Why do you use this method to communicate your ideas?

How will language have changed in 50 years?