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Hung & Drawn

Susanna Davies-Crook's art highlights of the week from the new issue of Art Licks to the London Art Fair and shows of the week


Since its inception 3 years ago in January 2010, Art Licks has gained art world props and increasing traction.  The pleasing mini mag with its Ken Kirton print design, artist commissions, well informed contributors and  professionalised yet still grass roots angle is a good place to get a whiff of new talent and keep up to date on the UK art scene.  Head to the launch on the 25th to see French Riviera duo LevackLewandowski perform as Das Hund.

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Katrina Palmer at Chisenhale

Competing with the London Art Fair private view yesterday evening was the (potentially more) cerebrally stimulating performance by Katrina Palmer at Chisenhale Gallery. MA and PhD graduate of the RCA, Palmer's written and vocal explorations of sculpture and text lilt through characters, shifting subject positions and sensorial interactions mediating a journey between viewer and object.

FAIR OF THE WEEK: London Art Fair

It's London Art Fair time again.  For those who went to the private view yesterday – loved it? hated it? Missed the Moro canapés?  Those yet to visit, my advice as usual would be to FFWD on the major galleries and head to smaller reasonably priced booths – Whitechapel and Limoncello prints are well worth a punt and also check out the 'Projects' section which includes Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award winner Samara Scott for Peckham's own Sunday Painter Gallery.

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Santiago Tacceti

Santiago Taccetti has joined the line up of interesting young artists being promoted by Elda Oreto, director of new Berlin gallery Club Midnight. His tech aesthetics and seductive colours contribute to make the works feel digitally sublime, so Taccetti's solo exhibition should prove to be a sensorial spectacular. 'Bear Tries To Beat Heat' is accompanied by a text taken from 'Instructions for Climbing a Staircase' by Julio Cortázar including the oddly revealing sentence , 'You tackle a stairway face on, for if you try it backwards or sideways, it ends up being particularly uncomfortable'. 

EXHIBITION OF THE WEEK: Tomorrow Never Knows: Ed Atkins & Naheed Raza

Ed Atkins's star turn is his expert intertwining of HD video, 3D graphics and thought provoking texts as seen in his recent exhibition at Chisenhale Gallery and to be further marvelled at in his forthcoming onslaught of solo shows at MOMA PS1, Isabella Bortolozzi in Berlin and Templebar in Dublin amongst others.  His recent Jerwood/FVU commission is a sure seater therefore it's advisable to take the opportunity to see as much Ed as possible as he's pretty much where it's At [kins] - also a great chance to check out the work of Naheed Raza while you're at it.