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Hung & Drawn

As new shows are yet to open after the holiday haze, we take a look at the best art online and alternative options

ONLINE SHOW OF THE WEEK: Angelo Plessas - Mirage Machines

The latest solo 'exhibition' from Athens-based artist Angelo Plessas entitled 'Mirage Machines' makes its appearance on, the online gallery showcasing artists who work with digital space and new media. Available online until 24 January, Mirage Machines presents six cursor-generated landscapes where each of the micro-sites exist independently, yet together aim to form a broader sense of reflection. The sites are created as 'dream machines' activated through the browser interface to produce surreal illusions via the use of simple reactive visuals. As you trace your mouse across the screen, the pieces come alive, responding to your every gesture and revealing unexpected layers in RGB. Here's a gallery from us having a go pon the cursor:

GROUP SHOW OF THE WEEK: Artists’ Film International: Karim Debbagh, Ben Hagari, Sefer Memişoğlu, Nguyễn Trinh Thi

Until 13 January, The Whitechapel Gallery's Zilkha Auditorium will be hosting the returning Artists’ Film International showcase, bringing to light artists working with film, video and animation selected by 12 partner organisations around the world. This season, they aim to explore themes within collective memory and personal and political histories through Ben Hagari’s Invert (2010) where we see the world inverted in the colours of the photographic negative, Sefer Memişoğlu’s Breeze (2011) focusing on the power of iconic documentary images and new digital media - and Nguyễn Trinh Thi’s Song to the Front (2011–12) abstracting a feature-length 1970s Vietnamese propaganda film into a 5-minute vignette. Whilst Karim Debbagh’s 2006 film Creating a Legend re-examines a historical perspective by building a portrait of the writer Paul Bowles through first-hand accounts.


Best site ever in fact. Acting as a homepage for the 'multimedia programming collective and record label', Beige, by internationally-based computer artists Paul B. Davis, Cory Arcangel, Joe Bonn and Joe Beuckman, the site combining the visual force of endlessly tiled WWF Body Slam GIFs and the basic MIDI rendition of Jay Z's Big Pimpin' makes it #thedream.

SCREENING OF THE WEEK: Canary Wharf Screen - Season 4: Films from the BFI National Archive

Granted the last time I went to check this screen out I basically ended up sitting on a cold, metal bench on the Tube watching a bizarre CGI advert on loop for about 20 minutes, but until February 2013, the screen in Canary Wharf station should be showing the final season of films from the BFI National Archive. In collaboration with the BFI, they'll be showing a wide variety of archive films throughout the season, dating back to the end of the 19th century with footage of East London or rough seas on the South coast of England, as well as short self-contained post-war documentaries made for instructional purposes. Other titles are extracts of more recent experimental works by some of the most renowned British film and video artists.

During usual hours, Canary Wharf Screen plays daily from 8am - 8pm. Download the BFI programme.