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Yes Moments: Ruta Balseviciute

After moving from Lithuania to London, the film maker specialising in fashion tells us about the moment that changed the path of her career

Ruta Balseviciute films, edits and directs all her films alongside creating her own animations. After studying photography and media art, whilst working in a video post production company in Lithuania, she moved to London 2 years ago she began working with photographers and fashion designers. Specialising in fashion, she has done a number of films to capture the  beautiful garments of both emerging designers and established houses.  From the interview she documented with Mr Hare, presented by Dazed, displaying her crisp and technical accuracy to her explosive, innovative and vivid videos for Martina Speltova, the recent Central St Martins graduate, who is racking up more awards than ever with her signature patchwork approach, using block colour, textiles and leather. Ruta has produced films, which explore her technical ability, creativity and her originality within film production. Another of her creative projects includes 'OFF LOVE', in which a group of performers - faces covered by bandanas and bodies adorned with transferable tattoos - act out on stage, would could be considered a thug- rap performance - but without the audio it's hard to know - whilst the background displays images of old dance routines and pop performances from another generation. The layered visuals create a trippy atmosphere and link back to Ruta's project with Speltova, where the model seems at times encased by the bold, graphic background. Using repeated images and prints, Ruta's collaborations so far are a strong and fearless statement about her film making.

Ruta is a film maker who has been picked up by Dazed before, and to continue to support her, and perhaps bring a fresh audience to her work, Dazed has selected her as one of their 'Yes Moments', where we asked rising talents to tell us about turning points in their career. Inspired by Converse Boots' Yes campaign, we asked Ruta what she sees as an important moment in her career so far.

Ruta Balseviciute: "I am a video artist. I moved to London two years ago and started working with photographers and designers creating fashion videos. Previously  I was studying photography and media art and working in video post-production company in Lithuania. The turning point came a few years ago.  I was lucky to work with my friend photographer Daniel Sannwald on a fashion film that made me go further on this path. I love a combination of fashion and film as it has a lot of freedom for creativity. Moving to London was a big  decision that changed everything. The most important thing I said yes to this year was Martina Spetlova's fashion film. It was shown in Somerset House during London Fashion Week SS13 which was amazing as well as receiving great reviews on it. But I guess the most important yes was the yes from myself."

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