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#DazedPandaFace Competition

Join in the Nicopanda x Dazed takeover with your own pandaface submissions to win a bag full of swag!

As part of our Nicopanda Takeover on Dazed Digital for Nicola Formichetti's guest-edited December issue - we're running a #DazedPandaface competition where we want you to:

1. Make your own panda mask with our panda template PDF (see above)
2. Customise the hell out of it
3. Use Twitter / Instagram / Weibo to submit your best panda pics to Dazed using the hashtag #Dazedpandaface

Nicola will then choose his favourite entry for five lucky winners to score a bag full of impawsibly exciting panda swag including exclusive Nicopanda dolls, t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers!

You can print out the above PDF as an idea on how to get started but we challenge you to go as nuts as you can (check out artist Theo-Mass Lexileictous, fashion talent Ed Marler and Yuima Nakazato's ambitious submissions above). We can bearly contain our excitement.

Deadline: End of the day, Sunday 25th November.