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LIARS SELECTS: Suzy Poling/Pod Blotz

Throughout this week, the cult LA three-piece have selected their ones-to-watch in the worlds of digital art and experimental music, kicking off with the video artist making hypnotic sonic frequencies

Over the course of this week, wildly creative LA noise-rock band Liars have guest-contributed to Dazed Digital, giving us a whirlwind insight into some of their eclectic ideas and inspirations. The three-piece have selected their favourite new talents in the worlds of art and music, including the likes of SFV Acid, Alex/2Tone and GX Jupitter-Larsen.

Pod Blotz is for people who like experimental music, experiential performance, full sonic frequencies, hypnotic lights and sound, stories about ghost and aliens, etc...

Demonstrating their taste for the rare and eclectic, first up we have the California Bay Area artist Suzy Poling for an exclusive interview. In addition to practicing as predominantly an installation artist, Poling also is the mastermind behind sound project, Pod Blotz, which could be summarised by the coupling of haunting sounds and an obsessive desire for repetition. Liars met Poling through Pod Blotz when their touring member Jessie Jackson was staying with them in Venice.

Of her work, Liars discussed what makes Poling stand out from the crowd: "We love the evidence of her obsessions in her work, and what seems to me a quest through repetition to unveil the meaning of these obsessions with her audience. There's also a feeling of enthusiasm that matches her skill and experience that is that of a novice's, enthusiasm that too often fades when one develops a mastery of their craft to the level that Suzy has."

Dazed Digital: Where do you live and how did you come to settle there?
Suzy Poling: I live in Oakland, California. I moved out here to the west coast to be closer to this incredible land in 2004. Oakland has a lot of industrial parts and I am used to that because I grew up in Detroit, so I adapted pretty easily.

DD: How does your artistic practice inform your sound project Pod Blotz?
Suzy Poling: They are pretty much one in the same for me. I do performance art, build installations to play inside of, silkscreen clothing and make video. All of my artwork ends up in a Pod Blotz video and my audio ends up installations so it all works out.

DD: Who is Pod Blotz for?
Suzy Poling: People who like experimental music, experiential performance, full sonic frequencies, hypnotic lights and sound, stories about ghost and aliens, etc...

DD: You often play clubs and warehouses. Did you start out with a club background?
Suzy Poling: I did go to a lot of goth clubs as a teen in Detroit and was around for the early techno parties in warehouses. I just went to a lot of shows all along.

DD: What has been your greatest regret?
Suzy Poling: I don't really live by regret. I am already a very reflective person. I am sure that I wish that I worded things with a few people differently years ago. I usually just get over everything.

DD: Tell us, what’s in the cards for the near future?
Suzy Poling: Well, I just installed a big solo show at Disjecta in Portland that is up until October 28th, this video collaboration with ESP TV in NYC just dropped a few days ago actually, I play Detroit and Chicago in November for the first time in years and I have an LP coming out in a month or two on Nihilist Records. The LP is a split with the Entomologists and Artist, Irene Moon.

Come back to Dazed Digital tomorrow as we will be profiling artists and musicians selected by Liars throughout the week