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Real Gold: Mass Movement

T-Shirt Party and Real Gold got together at the local library for a tee-printing spree

Last weekend, T-Shirt Party teamed up with arts/music collective Real Gold to present Mass Movement, a make-your-own-t-shirt day at the Dalston libary. Calling on the local community on the sabbath, the family affair was an official non-profit partnership with CLR James library and Hackney Council, making use of their archive and facilities to print tees.

Artists, photographers and designers including Carri Munden, Ed Fornieles, Edward Quarmby, Gabriel Pryce, Lewis Teague Wright, Nina Manandhar, Phoebe-Collings James, and Sharmadean Reid turned librarian collaborators for the day where grown-ups and kids alike were invited down to print custom-made tees.

Photos by Nina Manandhar