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Heidi Andreasen

Crossing Dadaist imagery with sci-fi stories from the 1900s makes for some stunning results in the CSM grad's artwork

Central St Martins graduate Heidi Andreasen has caught our eye on a couple of occasions. Her work is beautifully delicate and dream-like, with a good dose of the surreal. Her compellingly intricate style is derived from Dada artwork and science fiction from the early 1900s; a strange retro-inspired mix which here we spoke to her more about...

Dazed Digital: What's the main inspiration behind your work?
Heidi Andreasen: Science fiction short stories from the early 1900s are truly amazing, timeless and create so many images in my head. I'm also very fond of the Surrealist/Dadaist movement. But more specifically John Stezaker’s surreal collages and Storm Thorgerson’s record covers have influenced me and made a strong impression on my work.

DD: Your collages seem to tell a lot of stories, can you give an example?
Heidi Andreasen:
'Country of the Blind' is a narrative project I did in my second year of uni. 
It’s based on a short story by H.G.Wells published 1904. A story about a mountain climber who discovers a civilization where everyone is blind and who have developed unique ways of using their other senses. They notice that their new arrival is very different from them and insist that he surgically remove his eyes if he wants to stay in their community.

DD: A lot of people have started using technological glitches in their work, why were you drawn to this?
Heidi Andreasen:
The project 'Glitched' was created through experimenting with hands on collage and moving images and objects on the scanner. By moving the objects around it forces a glitch in the digital imaging and creates distorted, watery, silvery shadows of their solid forms.
 Each exposure represents a choreographed movement, a moment in time captured on a 2-dimensional surface. By using trial and error, it reintroduces the possibility and beauty of happy accidents.

DD: You work closely with Fashion, (e.g. the 'Bloom' prints) is this something you want to get into more?
Heidi Andreasen: I’ve always been inspired by fashion. The last two projects I’ve been working on have been in collaboration with my good friend Tristram Mason who is an amazing illustrator. 'Bloom' is a collaborative print project we did. I think print design is definitely something that I wish to explore more.

DD: What are you currently working on?
Heidi Andreasen:
I’m currently working on a EP cover and I have an album cover coming up soon. Also, I have some personal projects in mind that I would love to start working on in the near future.