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Margot Bowman

The illustrator reveals her early morning mini break

We asked the London-based illustrator to share her obsession with us. It turns out that for Bowman it's not a film or an artwork, but a specific time of the day:

My favourite time of day, Monday to Friday, is 6:15AM. Getting up this early isn't something I can do every day - there are some late nights, work related or otherwise - but when there aren't, my alarm rings and I get up. Like most people in London, I share a lot. I live in a shared apartment, work in a shared studio, use shared transport etc. Not that I want to shun my community - but time alone with the city is rare. I spent the summer in Berlin two years ago and it taught me that time is a flexible thing. I don't hold any grudges about it being 'too early' - it's not if you don't want it to be. I'm using time like physical space, in that first 40 minutes I can feel the horizon and that urban pressure of being surrounded all day long by buildings, people, vehicles, sound and data melts away. For anyone wanting for a mini-break mentality five days a week, I can't recommend it highly enough.