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Hattie Stewart: Professional Doodler

Exclusive Film: We get to see the illustrator at work, using white shirts as a blank canvas for her colourful doodling

Building a name synonymous with cheeky animations, successful collaborations and a passion for visual energy, illustrative extraordinaire Hattie Stewart has built an ever-growing following, gaining commissions with the likes of Henry Holland, Tate Modern and most recently, the X Factor. Dazed spoke to her about her recent project with Brutus Trimfit, days off and her love for sexy colours.

Red can represent love, lust; or death and anger and because of its multiple meanings, I believe it’s always a strong and striking colour to use. That, and it's just a sexy colour

Dazed Digital: What does a typical day in the life of a “Professional Doodler” consist of?
Hattie Stewart:
All sorts of doodling! Alongside tea, cigarettes, stalking people on twitter, procrastinating on the Internet (mainly buzzfeed) and generally going a little crazy.

DD: Regardless of the subject matter, you seem to enjoy the use of the colour red as a dominant element; why is that?
Hattie Stewart: Considering my work is both playful with dark/sinister undertones I can only imagine that my subconscious always chooses a colour that can consistently represent this struggle. Red can represent love, lust; or death and  anger and because of its multiple meanings, I believe it’s always a strong and striking colour to use. That and it's just a sexy colour.

DD: After having being commissioned so many times now, what assignment do you feel has been the most personal to you?
Hattie Stewart: The House of Holland was a personal one as it was really the first client led brief that got me noticed: you can't go wrong with that! All of my work is personal to me in some way though, but the work I create for others usually has a certain kind of detachment from myself (in a good way).

DD: With your approach being so intuitive, is losing track (of initial ideas) ever a worry or just part of the fun?
Hattie Stewart: Definitely part of the fun! If you lose track you'll end up stumbling into something you hadn't already engaged with or thought of, you'll surprise yourself and people will be surprised to, to me that’s the best way keep things fun and fresh!

DD: How are you feeling about your career at the moment in three words?
Hattie Stewart: Tentative (at times) Ambitious (it's a personal thing) and Stressed (most of the time, but in a good way!)

DD: How did the Brutus Trimfit collaborative project come about?
Hattie Stewart: I happened to meet Jonathan (son of Brutus co-founder Keith Freedman) at the Dudebox launch, in East London. It’s a fantastic brand that really utilises the skills of today’s British illustrators and by giving us creative freedom, they really maintain their expressive-rebellious attitude!

Text: Dorrell Merritt
Video Credit: Henry Edwards Wood