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Sustainability Map of East London

Flyknit Collective’s Alice Moloney, 'We Made That' and James Pearson-Howes map out the local community

Celebrating the ambition and imagination of London’s emerging creative community as much as ideas of sustainability, the first of the Flyknit Collective creative and sports workshops at Nike’s 1948 space were led by an inspiring cast of young, creative Londoners.

From the forward thinking architect studio We Made That to acclaimed portrait and documentary photographer James Pearson-Howes, RCA grad and communications designer Alice Moloney, Frostville illustrator Daniel Frost and sports trainer Chaka Bars, these characters are re-interpreting the local area in their own ways, changing the way we look and interact with east London.

“I was inspired by our amazing participants and the innovators involved in the workshop,” says Alice Moloney of the public, week-long series. “We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, diverse and creative collective of individuals. Their ideas for a sustainable east London were incredible and I loved watching the way that they all developed their own opinions of sustainability over the course of the week.”

To further explore sustainability in east London, Dazed have collaborated with the Flyknit Collective and the workshop participants, mapping out and posting locations that inspire them with regards to the local community and sustainability. This will grow as the 1948 workshops continue, with more moments mapping out the city.

“I became more aware over the course of the week that, for me, sustainability is about supporting communities to maintain a sense of unity, to be active, to be considerate and ultimately to remain inspired by one another,” explains Moloney. “I will take away an understanding that sustainability needs to be made tangible and relevant to people. Why should such a crucial aspect of our lives to remain ambiguous? The ideas generated in the workshop will also definitely stay with me - I’m going to be waiting in anticipation for a cycle-in cinema, rooftop sports grounds and fish-pond pedicures!”

Check out the Sustainability Map of east London here. And go behind the scenes with the Flyknit Collective here.