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No Sleep Till Poland

Follow real time updates from Dazed ambassadors Stuart Hammond and James Edson as they travel through Europe

With stop offs in Berlin, Paris, Antwerp, Poland and anywhere in between that takes their fancy, Dazed & Confused's Books Editor, Stuart Hammond, and founder of The Wayward Gallery, James Edson, today embark on a road trip through Europe. “They’re all beautiful cities but it's as much about the people we meet and the experiences we have, as it is the actual places we visit,” explains Edson. “We’re both just looking forward to walking around and photographing different aspects of where we end up, not the obvious but discovering new things”.

Starting out in London and ending at the Open'er Festival in Poland, the trip will be an eye-opening one for the boys, visiting places they know, and places they don't. Keeping track of them along the way, you’ll be able to follow the trip with on our online map where James and Stuart will upload pictures each day. Although taking it all in a completely relaxed way (dress code is “whatever we roll out of bed and into” says Hammond and the soundtrack “…strictly rap. Nothing else”) the boys do have a few destinations planned. Shakespeare and Co. is one of Paris' leading independent book stores and an obvious stop off for book-obsessed Hammond. The Pompidou Centre is another important visit in Paris and while in Berlin, the crew will attend the Soho House Festival and a talk by James Franco and Marianne Faithfull. “Ultimately though it's just about wandering around foreign cities, meeting people and seeing things. That's definitely one of my favourite things to do,” says James.

Taking the brand new Canon IXUS 510 HS with them to document their experiences, the pair will be able update everyone back home from 'on the road'. Using its WiFi capability, perfected images can instantly be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter or any other online destination they want. Both keen skateboarders and founding members of the Palace Wayward Boys Choir Team, the camera will no doubt be put to use capturing plenty of skate action: “Using a camera like this you don't have to bore people with one long evening of showing them pictures. You can capture things and share them immediately,” says Edson. “It's all about regular envy inducement,” adds Hammond.

Follow Hammond and Edson's real time updates HERE as they journey through Europe, and keep an eye on Dazed Digital for additional pieces.