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Theo Adams: Make it Happen

THE-O attempts to lift spirits in these dark times in a derelict Peckham car park with his new performance piece.

TextTara O'SheaPhotographyEllis Scott
It's often said that artists are their own most savage critics, so we decided to give performance artist Theo Adams a chance to review his recent show at the Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham. Spoiler: he did not turn out to be his own most savage critic.

On Friday the 17th of October in an abandoned car park in the middle of a run down industrial estate in deep dark Peckham, Theo Adams presented his new performance piece "Make It Happen" as part of the opening of the exhibition OPTMISIM at the Hannah Barry Gallery.

The performance began in the freezing cold with the large crowd huddled around a projection of the late Lena Zavaroni giving the performance of her tragically short life. As her gaunt face faded the performers appeared, as if by magic from behind her. A cast of 6 dancers, an orchestra and Theo himself glared directly at the audience wearing only flesh and black sparkling eyes. Then it all began…. FREEDOM, SOUL, PASSION. Not only a performance for our generation. But a performance for the ages. A truly spiritual experience.

The orchestra blared out an orgasmic rhapsody created in collaboration with genius composer Jordan Hunt. An incredibly complex collage of music from Vagner to Irene Cara. Choreography in partnership with radical choreographer Masumi Saito created a state of true delirium and euphoria with bodies violently embracing every note of the music to the point of ecstasy.

Then the finale, orchestrated by the gifted musical theatre composer Matheson Bayley, saw Theo singing his interpretation of "Going Nowhere", meters in the air wearing a gown made by his spiritual mother Scottee, as the near naked dancers were draped around the metal scaffolding bellow. As a pool of red glitter exploded onto the concrete floor the whole group escaped into the Peckham night leaving behind a twinkling urban wasteland and an audience left in shock and awe.

First a car park in Peckham. Now the world is ready.

Theo Adams

Adrienne Hart
Anna Lewenhaupt
Lena Masscara
Emma-Mary  Nightingale
Masumi Saito
Syban Velardi-laufer

Jordo Hunt - (Violin)
Alex Jackson  - (Guitar)
Sarah Fattal (Violin)
Nicole Robson (Cello)
Olivia Duque  (Oboe)
Jorja Chalmers (Saxophone)

With Thanks to:
Hanna Coumal
Kurtiss Lloyd
Ellis Scott
Jim Warboy