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Ben Westwood's Chain Gang

Vivienne Westwood's son protests against the "mind robbery" in January 2009 when "extreme pornography" will be made illegal.

"1984 is now" declares one fetish gear-clad protestor outside the Houses of Parliament as part of the "chain gang" protest led by photographer Ben Westwood, son of Vivienne that took place yesterday at noon. The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill that is to come into effect from January 2009 means that images like the one seen above will be illegal, regardless of whether the adults are consenting or not. CAAN (Consenting Adult Action Network) believes that the "prudes in power" namely Harriet Harman are clamping down on personal freedom and that this bill will not only affect individual sexuality but also on people's livelihoods. Ben Westwood who has produced tomes of images that will be deemed "extreme pornography" from January 2009 onwards showed his support for CAAN's initiative yesterday by leading two "slaves" called Jade and Dolly Blowup wearing corsets and suspenders, all bound and gagged to him from Westminster and around Parliament Square.