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EXCLUSIVE FILM: Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run

A 1400km European road trip in 42 classic cars, celebrating Vuitton's relationship with travel and the automobile

True to the 'Art of Travel' spirit which characterised the maison, the Louis Vuitton Classic Serenissima Run is the seventh rally organised by Louis Vuitton since the legendary Vintage Equator Run created in 1993. The event pays tribute to the long history that unites the French brand and the world of motoring, since the creation of the first car trunk in 1897.

The art of travelling in style is a value we share with the world of motoringeurp

The 1400 km journey, featuring 42 exceptional autos – Bugattis, Aston Martins, Ferarris and more – set off from Monaco and stopped off at Menthon Saint Bernard, Stresa, Verona and Fiesso d'Artico, birthplace of Louis Vuitton's shoe savoir-faire. The cars were transported by boat to Venice and presented on the plaza San Giorgio for the weekend.

"The art of travelling in style is a value we share with the world of motoring. Over the years, strengthened by their visionary and ingenious approach, Georges Vuitton, son of Louis, and then his successors, have made every effort to adapt Louis Vuitton's world-renowned trunks and luggage to the development of the automobile," says Yves Carcelle, president of Louis Vuitton.

"This has led to the creation of special designs such as the rounded trunks which fit perfectly on the back of the horse-drawn vehicles, and the fast evolution to flat-stacked trunks which follow the exact shape of the car."