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Best of Rome

Dazed’s local city editors in Italy chose their favourite stories of the year

Earlier this year in March, Dazed and Swatch unveiled a brand new website dedicated to daily, exclusive stories from the world’s most exciting cities and new creative hubs. Satellite Voices is led by our local city editors, on the ground across Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Munich, Rome, Santiago and Dubai, celebrating each region’s fresh, emerging talent alongside homegrown cultural icons. As a round up of 2011, our city editors pick their favourite Satellite Voices stories in fashion, music, art, film, photography and culture.

Chosen by Valerio Mannucci

Music: Paolo Di Nola & Goblin
Since 1975, the band Goblin has been a pivotal part of the pop imagery of the capital of Italy. If you are into cult horror movies you know Dario Argento and if some of those gory scenes from his movies are still stuck in your head it's also because of the creepy soundtrack written form the band. This is an exclusive two art interview with Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti. 

Music: NO=FI Recordings
Toni Cutrone, the Roman music noise don behind the DalVerme drinking den, NO=FI Recordings and one of our awesome Satellite Voices guest editors has put together a fresh new mix that represents his label and musical outlook. The curator of the acclaimed Bogata Boredom compilation that represents the scene of the same name - the emerging Roma Est noise movement.

Chosen by Flavia Ferrucci

Art: JB Rock
JB Rock's graffiti first appeared on Roman streets in the early 90s. One of the most important names of Rome's street art scene, his style has evolved over the years, and next to his usual graffiti work he now experiments with different techniques. Whether he's exploring the life of the suburban outskirts or investigating a woman's body, his use of decorative styles and images is outstanding.

Art: Scarful
Alessandro Maida aka Scarful was born in 1968 and is a Rome-based artist and graphic designer. In the 90s he started working as a graphic artist and gave birth with other Roman writers and artists, the Hateful Graphic Vandals collective. Along with artits Joe, Nico, Pane and Stand he's also part of the WhyStyle collective, participating at events and exhibitions since 2002.