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20 + 20 Covers Project: Jordan Scott

For Dazed & Confused's December Issue, 20 of our past cover stars tipped us on the newcomer to watch in their field

Selected by Eva Green, the new face to Dazed, Jordan Scott encompassed two decades of creativity into her debut and is always looking for new ways to express herself through film.

Dazed & Confused: What were you like 20 years ago?
Jordan Scott: 
A nightmare teenager! I was a pain in the arse but I’m much better now.

D&C: What have you learned in the past 20 years?
Jordan Scott: Confidence, I’ve learnt to calm down a lot for sure. I think working and I’ve grown up exponentially.

D&C: In what ways are you the same?
Jordan Scott: 
I think I’ve still got the naughty side! That never goes away; I hope it never goes away.

D&C: Have you always been creative?
Jordan Scott: 
Yeah, it started off twenty years ago but then it was more about painting; I did fine art at school and then I went to art school. So I think that creativity evolved from painting into photography and then eventually into film.

D&C: What inspired you then?
Jordan Scott: 
Just anyway I could express myself. I was a teenager and at that age anyway you can express yourself and get those feelings out of you, which are bursting to get out, were good.

D&C: What inspires you now?
Jordan Scott: 
I think a lot of what I do draws on the life experience of, I suppose, twenty years, it did start for me twenty years ago. I just slowly draw on the things that I know and for me it’s therapy.

D&C: How do you feel when you look back at how your career has evolved?
Jordan Scott: 
I feel that directing is the most all-encompassing way to express myself because it takes on so many different facets. You can use voice and sound and I feel like I can create more of a specific mood.

D&C: What has been the defining moment of your career so far?
Jordan Scott: 
My first film was the biggest moment for me, definitely. The biggest and the hardest, I feel like everything led up to that point and it was definitely something I had in my mind for a decade before I did it so actually getting to do so it was huge for me. And then, I suppose, you’ve gotta keep going from there. I got to say a lot with that and then I thought “Oh my God, what do I do now?” I reached my goal and didn’t know what to do. I co-wrote it, it was a book that I read and it is a little bit different to how the film turned out but, it was a book that took place in South Africa and it was this very barren, foreboding landscape and I wanted to turn it into more of my experience growing up and my experience of being at school, growing up in London. I wanted to make it a more idealised version of adolescence I suppose, how you imagine it when you look back.

D&C: What was it like working with Eva?
Jordan Scott: 
Oh, it was amazing, I love her. We’ve remained really good friends and it’s weird, I see a lot of myself in her as a kindred spirit.

D&C: How would you describe the experience of being in Dazed?
Jordan Scott: 
It’s an honour, it really is, and I never would’ve seen that coming at all.

D&C: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Jordan Scott: 
I hope I’m doing what I still do to the best of my ability, I hope I have a slightly more balanced life, I hope I still continue to grow and grow up.

D&C: What are your upcoming projects?
Jordan Scott: 
I’m working on another film that shoots in China and it’s a 17th Century Chinese period piece that’s a ghost story and a love story, it’s very romantic. The script’s finished and I’ve been location scouting, I just did a two-week manic trip through rural China. I’ve been there a lot which is why I wanted to do it. I love the culture and I love the history and there’s something that’s dreamy about that world. I would love to be able to look far into the future and stack up the projects but I’m not sure that you always connect with something to the point where you want to commit yourself and your heart to it. I’m happy to take it as it comes.

Photo Rankin
Styling Tracey Nicholson
Hair/Make-up Karen Adler at Karen Adler
Dress by Prada