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20 + 20 Covers Project: Eva Green

The actress talks about how to measure success and what her inspiration sources are - past and present

Unique and unashamedly uncompromising, Eva Green’s long relationship with Dazed flourished due to a shared appreciation for being different. 

Dazed & Confused: What were you like 20 years ago?
Eva Green: 
20 years ago I was doing theatre and I was much the same, I’m not more confident unfortunately. I went to drama school for three years and I was very lucky to get a part in theatre straight away. It was quite scary but I loved the contact with the audience, it’s very electric. There’s a direct response compared to being on set or in a cinema.

D&C: What have you learned since then?
Eva Green: 
I’ve learnt not to pay attention to people’s judgements. It’s quite a tough business so you have to keep your armour on, but you’re an actor so at the same time you have to keep your vulnerability so it’s kind of a weird thing. It’s hard, it’s a tough business so maybe ask that question in ten years and I’ll be more confident, more grounded.

D&C: Have you always been creative?
Eva Green: 
I’ve always been creative: as a child doing little shows with my friends in front of our parents. As a child I used to be less self-conscious, more free and crazy, which was nice.

D&C: What inspired you then?
Eva Green: 
I adore Isabella Adjani and she was a real inspiration to me. She’s a real extreme actress: she’s not scared, she takes risks and I fell in love with her in the movie The Story of Adele H, she’s just fantastic.

D&C: What were your goals when you started?
Eva Green: 
As an actor I always wanted to find really meaty parts, really complicated, complex parts that I really enjoy doing rather than the fame. That’s why I don’t do so many movies, I need to fall in love with the roles and have a strong collaboration with the director, it’s very important. My goals are still the same. I’m very picky, I need to have a connection with the director.

D&C: What inspires you now?
Eva Green: 
I think when you finish a movie, you need to find the desire again. Desire is very important, it keeps you going and if you don’t have the desire I think you should stop that job because it’s worthless.

D&C: What attracts you to a project?
Eva Green: 
What attracts me is the role and the director, the story, the actors and that combination attracts me.

D&C: What does success mean to you?
Eva Green: 
Success in your life, in your intimate life, this is success. Success in the business contributes to your happiness but if you’re successful as an actor and not happy in your life than there’s no point.

D&C: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Eva Green: 
I’ve been lucky to have several highlights in my career: working with Bernardo Bertolucci, Ridley Scott, Jordan Scott and Tim Burton, which was a dream come true.

D&C: How has your career changed since the last time you were featured in Dazed?
Eva Green: 
I was on the cover seven or eight years ago and it feels like yesterday, it’s scary. Life hasn’t really changed and I feel quite the same.

D&C: How would you describe the experience of being featured in Dazed?
Eva Green: 
I think it was my first cover as an actor on Dazed & Confused and I really enjoyed that shoot. They put a very short wig on me and I looked like a boy, a very tough boy on this black and white cover, it was very beautiful. Inside I had fangs like a vampire and long hair, very gothic and I loved it because it was really bonkers, not just smiling to the camera and looking bland. It was quite strong and fun.

D&C: Why did you choose Jordan as your back cover?
Eva Green: 
Jordan Scott is a very talented director, she’s just the most amazing. She knows, understands actors and tries to get the best out of them. She gives them a lot of freedom, she loves them and she’s very sensitive, very sensual. She’s a very special being and one of the most talented directors I’ve worked with. It’s a real treat to be with her. We’re very similar we have the same sensitivity, the same anxieties and we have the same taste in movies and books and we have the same sense of humour too.

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