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FRIEZE 2011: LuckyPDF

In our second preview piece ahead of London's premier art fair, we chat to an art collective planning to set up a TV studio and broadcast a fresh set everyday during Frieze

LuckyPDF are a 'core-of-four open collective' working in South-East London. For Frieze Projects this year with they are setting up a TV studio complete with a fresh set for each day of the fair from Hannah Perry's eight monitor installation set on day one through to Samara Scott's 'glossy, glorified hyper-real objects between slices of interiors strung together like an assault course'. 

Offering the viewer the chance to engage with the shows onsite or tune-in remotely via the Internet, their broadcast will stream live from Frieze as they are joined by their invited guests and visitors to the fair who can watch the shows be made in the flesh. Over 50 artist collaborators are contributing to the live programme which includes Rafaël Rozendaal's 'one question interviews' and Ed Fornieles' live reenactment of a popular YouTube video. John, James, Yuri and Ollie took some time out to fill us in on the finer details… 

Dazed Digital: Sarah McCrory said you were interesting as an example of grassroots artist practice and how artists support each other to get things made, would you add anything to this?
LuckyPDF: We think that the current working atmosphere among young artists at the moment is extremely positive…there's definitely a culture or attitude of the project or piece coming first rather than that of the artist as celebrity which has previously dominated things.

DD: Do you each have roles within LuckyPDF?
LuckyPDF: Yes and no, our roles are defined by the project.

DD: What's your interest in working collaboratively?
LuckyPDF: We feel more interesting work can by born out of collaboration, and it's a very practical method of working as far more can be achieved than the sum of the collaboration's parts.

DD: Cooperation or competition?
LuckyPDF: Coopertition (don't compete, you'll always win)

DD: Anyone you can't you believe said yes to being involved?
LuckyPDF: That would have to be the mighty Tiny Iron, he's currently working with Paul Simon Richards. Here's a preview of what you can expect on Thursday...

DD: What would you say are your main influences - Internet? Pop? Anything specific you're drawing on for your Frieze project?
LuckyPDF: I think it's impossible not to be influenced by the internet. Google. Wikipedia.... Lucky Plop, Hennesy Youngman, Peter Engel, classic daytime television The Tribe, NHK world. The Prisoner. Fishing With John. The Word.

DD: The sets in your TV studio tent change every day right?
Yes, while everyone is partying at Frieze week Kunsthalle Bars we'll be doing the set change over. We have four spectacular sets designed by Hannah Perry, Adham Faramawy, Samara Scott and Joseph Long so every day will be a new visual experience.

DD: What are you most excited about for Frieze week?
Very excited about the other projects - Christian Jankowski's boat & Pierre Huyghe's hermit crabs.  We also hope to check out the ICA's Kunsthalle bar, if we ever have time and there's Top Nice at The White Horse, Hoxton on Friday which we're very excited about.

DD: What should we definitely not miss?
The show! - Live at 4pm on, and at the fair look out for our Wi-Fi access points to experience exclusive LuckyPDF content on your mobile device or laptop.

DD: What's up for post Frieze?
LuckyPDF: We've been invited to participate in the Athen's Biannual by KERNEL.