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Alternative Royal Wedding Parties

With the big day fast approaching, we've shortlisted a few alternative celebrations for you to discover and enjoy on your day off

IllustrationJim FisherTextJenny Cusack

Whilst one part of London is busy preparing itself for the much anticipated royal nuptials this Friday - poised and primed to host an array of appropriately lavish festivities with everything from traditional British street parties, live coverage, camping, tea parties and the most horrifying Royal merchandise you've ever seen - another part of the capital plans to celebrate the welcomed national holiday their very own way. Helping you to avoid the incoming royalist mess at Hyde Park, Dazed Digital have shortlisted a selection of alternative events across the city to keep you entertained this weekend...

Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding Party
Come celebrate the Royal Wedding this Friday 29th April at East London's finest strip bar - Metropolis' Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding Party with Wedding Reception DJ's like Shezza, her lezza & her sexy lads, Phantasy Nites aka Pippa & Iwan, Tinaz aka Isaac & Robbie, Project Legroom, Ella Total Banger & Anarchic Female, Hotter Than my Daughter AKA Chris Murdoch and Little Matthew, Grotbags AKA Bybellazine, Grania and maybe Alex Brownsmell, Magswich AKA Max, Mags & Luis. Whilst the Honeymoon Suite Soundtrack will come from DJ Bushpig, Ian Hundley Supermodel), Lionhearts, XIMON TAYKI / TEETH (Moshi Moshi), DJ Dreamtime (Modular), Loretta (BARMISFITS)

The Leonard Street Royal Wedding Party
Hosted by the likes of BIGBOX, The Book Club, The Griffin pub, Pure Evil gallery, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Gair, Rag&Bow: The Romaning Vintage Store and Swing Patrol, The Leonard Street Royal Wedding Party will host a mix of fancy dressed Bucksfizzed guests with a live screening of the Royal Wedding, Vintage clothing stalls, cocktails, music and art from 10:30am to 5pm. 

Land of Kings: The Royalist of all Weekend Wedding Knees-Up
Enter Dalston’s aptly named Land of Kings for two days of basement parties, rooftop shenanigans, secret banquets, cabaret from dead royals, video installations and an underground gaming den soundtracked by the likes of 2MANYDJS, Brassroots and D/R/U/G/S from 6pm til late. 

The Water Poet 
In association with The East London Film Festival, The Water Poet pub on Folgate Street, Spitalfields, invites you to spend the big day reviving the long lost days of Victorian debauchery and regency outlaws. Featuring their very own tongue and cheek ‘Royal Portrait Gallery’, film screenings in collaboration with the festival, ‘Gin Palace’ and ‘Jack the Clipper’ barber, the festivities are free to join, and is open from 10:30am.  

Royal Worming
Taking place at Passing Clouds in Dalston, The Royal Worming want you to dress to get wed. Acts such as Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra (in what will be the Belgian act's UK premiere performance), Sacha Dieu, The Funk Soul Brother of Cricklewood, 2OLD4SCHOOL, provide the soundtrack to the alt wedding celebration mash up.

"F*ck The Royal Wedding"
Highbury Corners Buffalo Bar bring you their punk rock cover band playing anarchist classics such as ‘God Save The Queen’, ‘Fought The Law’ and other fittingly rowdy anthems in a big fingers up to the Westminster lovies. Followed by DJs playing indie, rock n roll and classic r&b, the Buffalo Bar is open for a heated drunken singalong til 4am.

Right Royal Rave
Making the most out of our day off, XOYO say Thank You for the holiday with a Right Royal Rave hosted by east London’s Pump Up The Volume as the ultimate Hen/Stag do.