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DAZED LIVE: Champagne Valentine

The Amsterdam-based art collective will be leading a talk about re-inventing digital video at Dazed's first festival this April

The latest Warp Films and Partizan-signings Champagne Valentine are a collective of Amsterdam-based artists infamously re-inventing interactive digital video with their provocative and decadent creations. Led by Geoffrey Lillemon and Anita Fontaine, Champagne Valentine shapeshift between fashion and luxurious realms, working with the likes of the Tate Modern, Tim Burton and Diesel. Lillemon and Fontaine will be speaking exclusively at Dazed Live, exploring the creative process and future thinking behind the next generation of interactive digital film.

Dazed Digital: Can you please introduce the topic of your talk?
Anita Fontaine:
We want to tingle spines and drop jaws into laughter. We will be talking about our fantastical approach to interactive design, covering experiments, otherworldly installations, music videos, sites and locative video game hacks. Our talk will offer a glimpse inside Champagne Valentine's world where we work with brands and entities to create sensory experiences which meld art and advertising.

DD: What inspires you about working with DIY and Digital ethos’ of today?
Anita Fontaine:
For us it's like creating a fanzine with holographic capabilities.

DD: With your work, what would you say are some hidden or unusual inspirations?
Anita Fontaine:
Cat ladies, witches spells and perverted Victorian drawings. The dark and absurd normally reign over plain beauty.

DD: What music acts are you looking forward to seeing?
Anita Fontaine:
Gang Gang Dance! All of them really!

DD: What future projects do you have coming up?
Anita Fontaine:
We are creating some interactive fashion films for a fashion brand called Edun. We’re slso working on some iPad apps which uses people's location to reveal cinematic chapters of a story, as well as an interactive, online album release for a lovely London-based musician. And another music video, and we have a gallery show where we will do an installation in Istanbul later in the year. Also, lots of nice collaborations with people like fashion designer Lucy McRae coming up! And getting our own champagne produced! Wow. This sounds crazy and it isn't even everything! I guess hiring some people is up next too.

Dazed Live, 9 April: Click here to buy tickets and here to visit the Facebook page for more info on the event