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Tazmin Porter, Johanna Strachwitz , Sannica Wong
“This picture tells an overall story of having to 'create' your own fun in working-class life. A very core memory growing up for me was going to town for the first time with my friends. Taking pocket money to the shop and hanging out at the park. We wanted to recreate that childish escapism; somewhere you would go to have fun and forget about the struggles of working-class family life” – Tazmin PorterDesign and creative direction by Tazmin Porter; photography Johanna Strachwitz , Sannica Wong

In pictures: life in Britain as seen by Dazed Club photographers

We invited Dazed Clubbers to share a photograph evoking their experience of life in the UK and here are some of the images they shared

Introducing Horror Nation?, a new season from Dazed about the current state of the UK from the perspective of the young people who live here.

As part of our Horror Nation? campaign, we put out an open call to Dazed Club members inviting them to share a snapshot of life in the UK. While the images they sent didn’t shy away from expressing a sense of disillusionment, what became clear was that there’s still a great deal to celebrate. From the “restlessness” of youth to a surreal, nostalgic evocation of the British high street; everything from moments of transcendent joy to occasions of “diminished hope”, together, the pictures offer multiple perspectives on life in the UK.

“One common experience that my friends and myself all identify with, is the feeling of being overwhelmed and uncertain about our future,” wrote Dazed Clubber Gaïa de Crecy. Tazmin Porter shared concern about the endangered aspects of life in the UK: “As the cost-of-living crisis takes hold in Britain the high street feels like a very vulnerable piece of towns slowly falling through the cracks.” Meanwhile, EV Zhang championed the UK’s “chaotic pop culture” and the non-conformity of the youth culture.

For a closer look, visit the gallery above which features contributions from Dazed Clubbers Dora Mois, Mossy Mcdermott, Gaïa de Crecy, EV Zhang, Lindy Munyanyi, Sasha Shuttleworth, Lucy Evans, Ella Costache, Karla Schradi, Tazmin Porter, Johanna Strachwitz and Sannica Wong.

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