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Faires Andy Warhol
MSCHF, Possibly Real Copy of ‘Fairies’ by Andy Warhol (2021)Courtesy of MSCHF

Get your hands on a real (or fake) Andy Warhol for $250

The catch: you’ll never know which one is the original

A Brooklyn art collective has bought a real Andy Warhol, created 999 near-identical replicas, and is now selling each for $250. The catch is you’ll never know which one is the original. 

This means that anyone buying one of the pieces will be in with a .001 per cent chance of scoring a real Warhol artwork worth $20,000.

“By forging (Warhol’s drawing) en masse, we obliterate the trail of provenance for the artwork,” the collective, MSCHF, said in a statement. “Though physically undamaged, we destroy any future confidence in the veracity of the work.” 

“By burying a needle in a needlestack, we render the original as much a forgery as any of our replications,” they added.

The artwork in question is a 1954 ink drawing of three fairies playing jump rope. MSCHF bought the piece from Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in Los Angeles, and then built a custom robot to create copies, before artificially aging and staining each piece of paper.

Want to get your hands on a piece? The collection hits the MSCHF website on November 8.