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INWARD: Reflections on Interiority 01
Quil Lemons, Melanin Monroe, 2021. © Quil Lemons

Quil Lemons makes his museum debut alongside four emerging Black artists

The exhibition, titled INWARD: Reflections on Interiority, examines ‘unseen’ moments during this period of unprecedented change through photos shot exclusively on iPhones

NYC-based photography and visual culture institution – the International Centre of Photography (ICP) – is presenting a new exhibition showcasing five emerging Black artists.

Titled INWARD: Reflections on Interiority, the exhibition will examine ‘unseen’ moments during this period of unprecedented change through photos shot exclusively on iPhones. Featuring work from former Dazed 100er Quil Lemons, Djeneba Aduayom, Arielle Bob-WIllis, Brad Ogbanna, and Isaac West – it will serve as each photographer’s official museum debut.

Lemons – who has previously photographed Billie Eilish, Telfar Clemens, Troye Sivan, Spike Lee, and more – posted about the launch on Instagram, stating: “Last night I along with four amazing artists... opened our museum debut.” He continued, “I’m crying typing this because I never would (have) thought this would all come so soon!”

The exhibition also taps into a cultural movement through reflecting on the role iPhones play in people’s everyday lives, democratising creativity by allowing anyone an opportunity to capture and document a holistic, visual moment in history. Images from the exhibition showcase small moments in time – a woman posing with her children, another getting her hair cut, a model lounging in the New Jersey sun.

“The five artists featured in ‘INWARD’ provide a thought-provoking window into their interior lives,” said IPC’s curator-at-large, Isolde Brielmaier, PhD. “The revealing new photographs explore intimate thoughts and personal relationships with great honesty, as the artists delve deep into the new reality and challenges of our contemporary lives at a time of global introspection.” 

Beyond the photographs, Quil Lemons also created a short film inspired by his ‘Inward’ work. For the project, he received early access to Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which drops on Friday (Sept 24). 

INWARD: Reflections on Interiority runs at the International Center of Photography in New York City from September 4 until January 10. Tickets are available online here